From the heart of Crete's White Mountains, to your glass



Item NoBottle TypeBottle size (lt)PackagingBottles / PackPacks / PalletPallet Weight (kg)
21.00.29PET Bottle0,5Shrink wrap12133798
21.00.47PET Bottle0,5Shrink wrap2463/72756/864
21.00.55PET Bottle0,5Swrink wrap6266798
21.00.27 PET Bottle0,75Shrink wrap1284/102756/918
21.00.48PET Bottle0,75Shrink wrap2054810
21.00.40Glass Bottle1Carton1240480
21.00.12PET Bottle1Shrink wrap1250600
21.00.52Glass Bottle1Plastic Crate **1232/40384/480
21.00.00PET Bottle1,5Carton1240720
21.00.02PET Bottle1,5Shrink wrap684/105756/945
21.00.68PET Bottle *** 10Carton236/48720/960
21.00.51PET Bottle5Carton440800


Item NoBottle TypeBottle size (lt)PackagingBottles / PackPacks / PalletPallet Weight (kg)
21.00.76Glass Bottle0,33Shrink wrap12108427,68
21.00.82PET Bottle0,33(lemon)Shrink wrap12108427,68
21.00.83PET Bottle0,5Shrink wrap6228684
21.00.69Glass bottle0,7Carton1250420
21.00.81PET Bottle1Shrink wrap6100600
21.00.77Glass Bottle1Plastic Crate1232/40384/480
21.00.79PET Bottle1,5Shrink wrap684756


Item NoBottle TypeBottle size (lt)PackagingBottles / PackPacks / PalletPallet Weight (kg)
21.00.54PET Bottle5Carton440800

* The weight column refers to the net weight of the water.

We use standard EURO pallets 120 x 80cm.

** Returnable crate. Only within Greece.

*** The 10 liter PET bottle is intended for dispenser use.

SAMARIA still water comes in 0.5 lt, 0.75 lt, 1 lt, 1.5 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt PET bottles and 1 lt glass bottle.

… SAMARIA Sparkling Water

SAMARIA sparkling water is enhanced with CO2 turning into a light and digestive sparkling water, ideal to accompany your meals. It can be served plain, with lemon and ice or mixed with freshly squeezed juice. It is available in 0.33 lt, 0.7 lt and 1 lt glass bottles as well as in 0.5 lt, 1 lt and 1.5 lt PET bottle.

… our Dispensers

Our company offers silent, low-energy Dispensers of the highest technical standards with proven quality and durability. All our dispensers are available with hot water temperature regulators, independent taps for hot and cold, and plastic cup dispenser on the side. Our Company reserves the right to change these specifications.

For SAMARIA water dispenser assistance, call +30 6972299650 (in Greece).

… SAMARIA deionized water.

We produce deionized water for domestic and professional applications. It comes in a 5 lt PET bottle.