Water Drilling

The water factory’s spring is located in the foothills of White Mountains at an altitude of 85 meters, while the aquifer of the drilling is 150-180 meters underground and the water is pumped from 50 meters.
Hydro-geological studies have shown that the aquifer is surrounded by limestone formations that do not allow water movement through their mass, therefore it is protected from surface water and hence from potential pollution.

On the basis of official analyses that have been conducted since the beginning of the Company’s operation, the consistently low values of NO2 and NO3 show that the aquifer is unaffected by human intervention. The sodium content of the water is low, thus our product could be considered suitable for a low sodium diet.

Chemical Analysis

ETANAP conducts continuous and accurate quality controls ensuring a perfectly stable quality and of high standards product.

The table below shows the average value of four mandatory analyses for SAMARIA water as given by the Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration.


Parameter Unit of Measurement Value
pH 8.0
Conductivity (25°C) mS/cm 290
Dry Residue (180°C) mg/l 170
Total hardness mg/l (CaCO3) 134
Ca mg/l 31
Mg mg/l 14
Na mg/l 7
K mg/l <0,5
NH4 mg/l <0,1
HCO3 mg/l 160
Cl mg/l 13
SO4 mg/l <5
NO3 mg/l <5
NO2 mg/l <0,05