The exquisite SAMARIA water springing from the mountains

According to Greek mythology, Zeus himself used to visit the White Mountains of Crete in order to quench his thirst with their crystal clear water.

Lefka Ori (White Mountains), as they are called in Greek, consist of several enchanting peaks, gorges and countless caves, thus occupying the greatest part of the Chania region. They are 50 km long and 40 km wide with approximately 50 of their peaks exceeding 2000m.

These features have protected the White Mountains from human intervention and preserved the natural characteristics of the land, keeping it impervious to pollution.

Amidst their overwhelming mass lies the Samaria Gorge, which is considered one of the most magnificent and beautiful gorges in Europe. The Samaria Gorge is a recognized natural habitat with rich and unique flora and fauna and over 20 crystal clear natural water springs.

Our company draws that water from the foothills of the White Mountains, bottles it without any treatment and offers it unaltered, affording with each drop the natural gifts of the Cretan nature.