ETANAP follows the HACCP approach in order to ensure the quality of its products, aiming to:

  • Bottle and market still and sparkling water from the White Mountains in PET packaging and glass bottle, following processes that ensure that the products conform to national, EU and international legislative requirements related to consumer safety.
  • Produce and sell empty PET bottles to bottling companies following processes that ensure that the products conform fully to national, EU and international legislative requirements.
  • Carry out the production and orders to the satisfaction of customer requirements, keeping costs at competitive levels.
  • Use raw materials and consumables of recognized quality that meet the standards of national, EU and international legislation, and the quality requirements of the clients.
  • Monitor national and international competition and integrate positive developments in the field of water bottling.
  • Be a leading Greek company that acts as a model for similar companies.
  • Reach the quality and safety goals that the Company has set through the effective application of the HACCP approach.
  • Promote communication with customers, suppliers, and end consumers.
  • Ensure the safety of consumption through systematic internal communication.
  • Employ personnel who have received appropriate education and training in HACCP, and apply Rules of Good Personal Hygiene (GHP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) as established by the Company.
  • Render the name of the Company a symbol for the quality of its products and services.