ETANAP SA was formed by the late Archbishop of Selino and Kissamos Irenaeus Galanakis back in 1978 and began operations in 1980. ETANAP SA, a multi-shareholder company, bottles and trades the water SAMARIA drawn from springs near the village of Stylos in the Chania region, Crete, Greece.

By completing the first phase of its investment, ETANAP has become one of the most modern bottling plants in Greece. In recent years, the Company has made significant investments in technological equipment and in renovating its premises. This has resulted in upgrading its services and increasing its production and its sales points around Greece. Since 2005, a branch office has been operating in Athens advancing customer care. In 2010, a €6.3m investment was completed resulting in two ultramodern production lines.

Besides bottling water production, ETANAP is involved in electric energy production and has installed two photovoltaic parks.